16in (width) x 20in (height) oil and acrylic on canvas


Techniques: Wet-on-wet; acrylic blended with oil.


Description: At first glance, it may seem that this painting is just an abstract—and not even a pretty or exciting one at that. At best it’s meaningless, at worst it’s bleak. However, upon closer examination, we discover the faint impression of a face embedded into the veil of wind-like color. This is Loss, personified—at best meaningless, at worst bleak, and yet there is a third scenario featured here as well, the one in which they never really leave us. Is it wishful thinking—the mind seeing what it wants to see? A replaying of a memory? A spirit—an occurrence on a metaphysical plane? It depends on the viewer’s belief system. Either way, the facts remain the same. People revisit us in one way or another.  

"They Never Really Leave Us"