12X16 collage on clay panel. Original piece. 


“Suckers,” she says as she returns home, a wide smile printed on the back of her shirt. But inside, the labels and quotes on her perfectly organized boxes, suitcases, drawers, and pillows tell a different story altogether. The placement of each word—both in terms of the size of its container and location in the collage (right or left, high or low)—correlates not only to emotional weight, but also to accesibilitiy. For example: There’s a little hell and a big Hell—but the size and location of the boxes are the same. On the bottom left, in the drawers one would likely put undergarments and objects for daily use: noise, stress, wrong, doormat, muzzle, and guilt. There’s a picture of the entrance to Auschwitz at the top, flanked by the boxes hate crime and voice. One would need a ladder to reach these. The only actual object of clothing, a form of slimming shapewear—Spanx— appears not inside of the closet but on the right hand side between decorative pillows ‘embroidered’ with pseudo-motivational words of wisdom, advice, and self-help.  


This collage is a personification of a compartmentalized mind, full of its quirks, paradoxes, neuroses, and even dialogues, as illustrated by the stark contrast between the left and right sides. 

"Fooled Them Again"