18in (width) x 24in (height) mixed media on canvas


Techniques: Alla prima; collage


Description: Wearing her darkness like a halo, she stares back with a look of bored defiance as if to say, ‘Leave me alone. I don’t need anyone’. But underneath the proverbial smoke and mirrors, we realize not all is as she says. She isn’t lost in an unending darkness but rather sitting alone in the corner of a dark room dressed in a child’s tutu, her body much smaller than her head. Her hands, depicted like a Barbie’s, are crossed politely. Her feet show she’s playing dress up. On the floor are three paper dolls, each one a different man. Aha, we see: so she does want what everyone else wants.


The meaning of this painting can go two ways: as the frozen child wearing the adult face or as the black sheep adult who really isn’t as much of a black sheep as he/she would like us to believe.  

"Beneath The Smoke"