Ever caught yourself daydreaming, wondering what it was like to live in a simpler time? 

Ever dreamed of connecting the old-fashioned way, of sitting around a fireplace and passionately talking about art and literature over a warm cup of tea?  

Ever struggled to express all the parts of yourself instead of just one or two? 

Ever wished someone could just see you? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, I want to provide you with something no one else can. 

You might be wondering what's so special about unique me. The irony is that I'm asking the same question about you, only I'm in the business of studying and reflecting people. Humanity is my life's purpose. I don't care how much money you've made or how perfect or imperfect you've been in life. I care about who you are underneath all of that, in spite of all of that, because of all of that.


I care about the animal and rational sides of the self, the intersection between fact and fiction and what you believe to be fact and fiction about yourself. 

I'm interested in the war and peace within you. With me, you will come to see yourself clearly and compassionately, through the lens of an artist, life coach, and philosopher. 

Once a week, for 12 weeks, we will dive into the psyche like two deep-sea divers, curious to see what we find underneath the surface. It's important to know that to me, there's no such thing as wreckage. Only treasure. 

At the end, you'll receive a painting, but really, the image is the least important part of what we'll do together, a souvenir as opposed to the ride.