In contrast to the Old Masters who skinned humans down to the literal bone, Madelin Adena Smith (MAS) tells visual stories that skin humans down to their humanity, reality down to the real. 
Through the use of unorthodox techniques (such as suspending slow-drying oil paint beneath quick-drying acrylic or using turpentine as an eraser) she not only echoes themes of repression and the fragility of appearances, but also makes many of her pieces prone to change over time. Like a human, her art is imperfect. It has an unknown life span.  “What is this obsession with correctness and permanence?” she asks. “You’d think we were uncomfortable with our own humanness, our mortality. And we are.”
Through this lens, no matter the medium, she examines a world that feigns, even idolizes numbness and compartmentalization. Blocks of colors become muzzles. Bright facial expressions mismatch dark scenes. Figures dissolve into hazes they themselves consume. Using aesthetics, she asks us to confront its often forgotten antonym: anaesthesia-- an artificially-induced insensitivity to feeling.  
A self-taught multimedia artist, she holds a Bachelor of Arts from Barnard College of Columbia University and a Certificate in Coaching from New York University. She currently resides in New York. 



2019, "Paint the Mic." Los Angeles, CA (Upcoming) 

2017 Gallery 38, "Paint the Mic". Los Angeles, CA

2017 Conception Art Show. Los Angeles, CA

2017 Six Summit Gallery, "Art Hearts Fashion". Los Angeles, CA